Do as I do and not just as I say (or, how to convince a nine year old boy that he should write more!)

Dear All (or the 20 or so Facebook “friends” I can count on)

OK. So about 8 months ago Jamie and I set up WordPress accounts. He was going to write reports from the football and rugby matches he went to and I have no idea what I was planning to do.

Anyway, 8 months on, our accounts are gathering virtual dust and I have no real idea   what on earth I would write or “blog” about. Perhaps 42 year olds with an aversion to use modern tech terms without having to put ”    ” around said terms?

Any suggestions? Polite ones preferably? For me and/or Jamie? 

I’d prefer not to play out my folically challenged mid-life crisis and/or to rail against the 95% of the population who I feel should be forced in to a re-education programmes so probably best to keep any suggestions fairly light in tone!

Based on Jamie’s responses to my suggestions you just need to suggest the opposite of anything I’d suggest it would seem.

Drawing Blog concept on blackboard

Drawing Blog concept on blackboard